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Vaccine Alarmism

And what else you need to know today. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Gunfire at Mogadishu Protest Intensifies Somali Election Impasse

Opposition political leaders said they were attacked by government forces on Friday, and two former presidents said they were targeted hours earlier. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Hong Kong's Move to Overhaul RTHK Fans Fears of Media Crackdown

The broadcaster, Radio Television Hong Kong, is known for independent reporting often critical of the government. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

China Acknowledges 4 Deaths in Last Year’s Border Clash With India

It was the first explicit admission by the People’s Liberation Army that it had lost soldiers in the June brawl. India says 20 of its troops were killed. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

‘I Am Worth It’: Why Thousands of Doctors in America Can’t Get a Job

Medical schools are producing more graduates, but residency programs haven’t kept up, leaving thousands of young doctors “chronically unmatched” and deep in debt. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

China Is Preparing for Another Olympics in Beijing, Like It or Not

With the Winter Games less than a year away, a powerful and confident China is promising retaliation if any country boycotts the event over human rights. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Airlines Still Don’t Know When Passengers Will Return

Experts say that tourists could come back in the spring or summer but that more profitable business travelers could stay away for a year or longer. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Heating Up Culture Wars, France to Scour Universities for Ideas That ‘Corrupt Society’

The government announced an investigation into social science research, broadening attacks on what it sees as destabilizing American influences. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

5 Reader Comments Just Cost a News Website $124,000

A panel of judges found the online outlet, Malaysiakini, guilty of contempt of court for the comments about Malaysia’s judiciary. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Could Brexit Destroy British Fashion?

Already pushed to the breaking point by the pandemic, designers, manufacturers and retailers claim the newly-negotiated Brexit deal is a disaster. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Japanese Student Forced to Dye Her Hair Black Wins, and Loses, in Court

In a split ruling, a court in Osaka ordered the school to pay some damages for emotional distress, but it said the rule that students’ hair must be black did not violate regulations. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Your Friday Briefing

Israel’s moral quandary over vaccinations. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

The Year People Needed Carnival the Most, It Was Canceled

Loyal enthusiasts on what they missed in a year they needed Carnival the most. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

The Fun Police: Law Enforcement Comes to Carnival

Events like J’Ouvert in New York and Carnival in London have seen violent incidents. But the way they are policed says a lot about what happens when Black people gather. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

How a Trinidadian Communist Invented London’s 'Notting Hill Carnival'

The Notting Hill Carnival was canceled last year. But it likely wouldn’t exist at all without the efforts of Claudia Jones. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

U.S. and Novavax Will Aid Global Vaccination Campaign

The Biden administration plans to make good on a promise to donate $4 billion, while the pharmaceutical company Novavax pledged to donate 1.1 billion doses of its vaccine. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Israel and Syria Complete a Prisoner Swap, Mediated by Russia

An Israeli woman in her 20s was allowed to leave Syria for Russia, after Israel returned two captured shepherds to Syria. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Biden’s Plan to Link Arms With Europe Against Russia and China Isn’t So Simple

The new president’s vow to restore the trans-Atlantic alliance is welcome, but Europeans want a more balanced relationship, with more dialogue and less diktat. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

One Album Released by 44 Labels. Is This the New Global Jukebox?

For a decade, Senyawa has helped redefine how Indonesian music sounded. Now, the duo wants to revolutionize how it gets heard. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Meet Elizabeth Ann, the First Cloned Black-Footed Ferret

Her birth represents the first cloning of an endangered species native to North America, and may bring needed genetic diversity to the species. from NYT > World News via IFTTT