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Israel Secretly Agrees to Fund Vaccines for Syria as Part of Prisoner Swap

To secure the release of an Israeli civilian held in Syria, Israel agreed to finance a supply of Russian-made Covid-19 vaccines for Damascus, an official said. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

This week in Covid-19 news: Biden attempts to reassure, Cuba makes vaccine progress and governors are under fire.

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Ex-Artistic Director of Greece’s National Theater Held After Rape Arrest Warrant

The case of Dimitris Lignadis is the most high-profile among the numerous directors and actors to have been named in a torrent of accusations that have rocked the Greek arts world. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

In Canada, Did a Comedian’s Joke Go Too Far?

A Supreme Court case focused on a comedy routine mocking a disabled teenager could help shape the limits of free speech — and humor — in Canada. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

How Montana and the Dakotas Recovered From a Covid Surge

The spike in these states was as brief as it was powerful. Today, their rates of new cases are back roughly to where they were last summer or early fall. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Germany, Once a Model, Is Swamped Like Everyone Else by Pandemic’s Second Wave

After winning widespread recognition for its handling of the coronavirus last year, Germany now finds itself struggling with its sluggish vaccine rollout and a frustrated population. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Myanmar Police Open Fire on Protesters, Killing 2

At least 10 other people protesting the military’s ouster of civilian leaders were wounded in the city of Mandalay, witnesses said. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

‘Es como un hueco sin salida’: la escasez de los anticonceptivos afecta a las mujeres en Venezuela

En Venezuela ha desaparecido la contracepción accesible y, con ella, el control que muchas mujeres tenían sobre sus vidas. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

In Dense, Urban Japan, Flowers Bring Beauty and Solace

In densely packed Tokyo, flora is abundant in unassuming places. Hunting for it, as I learned, can lighten life’s loads. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Tomb of Joshua, Revered Prophet, Beckons Believers in Baghdad

No one knows for certain if Joshua, the Old Testament prophet, actually lived or where he might be buried. But for over 1,000 years, the sick and faithful have visited a Baghdad tomb said to be his. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Venezuelan Women Lose Access to Contraception, and Control of Their Lives

Affordable birth control has disappeared, pushing many women into unplanned pregnancies at a time when they can barely feed the children they already have. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Russian Court Orders Opposition Leader Navalny to Stay in Prison

The ruling clears the way to send Aleksei Navalny, the most vocal opponent of President Vladimir V. Putin, to a penal colony. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

‘Worst 14 days of my life’: Complaints about a Thai hotel quarantine lead to a defamation threat.

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The Vatican is promoting vaccinations but won’t punish those who decline them.

The Vatican said it had issued rules to protect its employees after criticism arose over a decree suggesting that those who didn’t get vaccinated could lose their jobs. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Many countries took up Russia’s offer to sell them its vaccine. But can it deliver?

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Why Canada’s Vaccine Rollout Slowed Down

The government did not promise mass inoculations during the first few months, but reductions and suspensions of shipments have created vaccine anxiety. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Erik Prince, Trump Ally, Violated Libya Arms Embargo, U.N. Report Says

Mr. Prince offered to supply weapons, drones and mercenaries to a Libyan militia commander seeking to overthrow the government, according to U.N. investigators. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

‘I Am Worth It’: Why Thousands of Doctors in America Can’t Get a Job

Medical schools are producing more graduates, but residency programs haven’t kept up, leaving thousands of young doctors “chronically unmatched” and deep in debt. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

World Leaders Meet on Security and Democracy: Live Updates

From climate change to the coronavirus, leaders from seven industrialized nations expected to call for solidarity in tackling crises. At the Munich security conference later in the day, President Biden is expected to call for a restoration of the trans-Atlantic alliance. from NYT > World News via IFTTT

Spain Hoped Catalonia’s Separatists Would Fade. They’re Gaining Ground.

Although the pandemic has been a unifying force in much of Europe, parties seeking to create a breakaway state for Catalonia received a majority of votes in a regional election. from NYT > World News via IFTTT